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NWAAE Poster Competition 2024

Northwest Artists Against Extinction and Save Our wild Salmon Coalition held our 2024 Poster Competition in April.  We received so many stunning artwork submissions our jury was challenged to choose winners.

Here are the winning artists and designs (click to open the book):

2024 Poster Competition Winners


Salmon and Orca
 1st Robin Coen, Swimming the Gauntlet
2nd Mollie Brown, Breaking the Surface
Runner Up Anastasia Seckers, Into the Stars
Runner Up Nathan Shields, Salmon
Advocacy and Collective Action
 1st Kat Martin, The Last Salmon
2nd Robyn Holmes, The Salmon (Up) Rising
Runner Up Antonia Prinster, Klamath Dam Removals
Web of Life / Ecosystems
 1st Heidi Ambrose, Ocean Spiral
2nd Sarah Koten, Sacred Salmon Tree of Life
Runner Up Sue Coccia, Coho Salmon Spirit
Vote for Our Planet
 1st Cyaltsa Finkbonner, Up Rivers
2nd Aoede Pando, Eye of the Beholder
Runner Up Rachael Kutz, Harmony in the Pacific
Emerging Artist Activist (under 18)
 1st Taelyn Baiza, Endangered Species of the West
2nd Maria Felicity Tejada, The Story: Us and the World, A Celebration of Unity, Hope and Love for Mother Earth

* If you cannot view the book above, you can download the PDF directly from here.