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What is NWAAE?

Northwest Artists Against Extinction

is a project of Save Our wild Salmon Coalition

NWAAE is a creative collaboration between artists and advocates to build public support - and political leadership - to restore the lower Snake River and its imperiled wild salmon and steelhead.

Northwest Artists Against Extinction support bold urgent action to protect wild salmon and steelhead from extinction and to restore them to abundance. 

Healthy salmon populations deliver irreplaceable benefits to the peoples and places of the Pacific Northwest. Salmon are essential to the cultures and economies of many Northwest tribes and they are an essential food source for critically endangered Southern Resident orcas. More than 100 other fish and wildlife species rely upon and benefit from the presence of wild salmon. In myriad ways, our unique identity and ways of life as a region depend upon protecting wild salmon from extinction and restoring healthy, resilient, fishable populations. 

We call upon our state and federal elected officials - Northwest governors and members of Congress, and the Biden Administration - to develop and deliver a comprehensive solution for the people, salmon, orcas and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest that includes the removal of its four federal dams and replaces their services and infrastructure with alternatives. Restoring a free-flowing lower Snake River is essential for protecting its fish from extinction and it represents one of our nation’s great river/salmon restoration opportunities today.