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Students Speak For the Salmon

Lesson plans for teachers




Learning target: To learn about the threat of salmon extinction endangers entire ecosystems from river headwaters to ocean habitats

Materials/resources needed


  • extinction 
  • collaboration: students, artists, scientists, fisheries, tribal communities
  • keystone species 
  • tribal treaties


  • Teachers can choose to focus on:
    • salmon extinction
    • salmon life cycles
    • habitat restoration
    • indigenous treaties and advocacy


Learning target: To create your own visual representation of a salmon.

Materials/resources needed:

  • copies of coloring pages, paper, printer
  • art supplies: colored pencils, markers, oil pastels 
  • scissors


  • patterns that visually illustrate ideas of overlap and “we are all connected” 
  • creative pattern narrative
  •  evoke


Students can choose from a number of different salmon designs.  


Learning target: Inspire civic engagement through art and letter writing.  To create collaborative installation between Earth Day, April 22, and Endangered Species Day, May 20.

Optional: to send letters to elected officials in support of salmon and orcas.

Materials/resources needed

  • pens or pencils (for letter writing) 
  • envelopes and stamps (optional) 
  • tape (for window installation) 
  • string or monofilament (for hanging installation)
  • phone with camera (for documenting the installations.) 


  • civic voice 
  • advocacy 
  • art installation
  • collaboration 


  • Teachers can choose to just create a classroom installation of a school of endangered salmon or

Students can go a step further to send a letter to elected officials about fighting salmon extinction.