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Taelyn Baiza

Artist: Taelyn Baiza



Taelyn BaizaI am a teenage artist with a passion for making artwork that inspires us to conserve the amazing landscapes of the PNW. I love working with a variety of mediums such as colored pencil, pen and ink, woodburning, markers, and oil paint to change up my art style and add variety to my work. I like to feature bright, eye-catching colors, intricate details, and many animal and plant species in order to add an element of whimsy and fun to most of my pieces. I enjoy hiking, running, mountain biking, climbing, and other outdoor activities that allow me to immerse myself in the beauty of the natural world.

By conserving nature we restore our connection with the wild and pave the way for a more sustainable future, and I am committed to using my artwork to help this cause. 

Artist Statement

Salmon are a keystone species in the PNW, enriching our rivers and their many inhabitants during their migrations. The presence of salmon and orcas in the region is crucial to building back healthy, sustainable ecosystems and fixing much of the damage we have caused. Art raises awareness about environmental causes by inspiring people to appreciate the natural world on a deeper level and take action towards protecting it, speaking out for the animals and habitats that can't advocate for themselves.