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Steve Nagode

Artist: Steve Nagode


Steve NagodeAn engineer with the mind of an artist”. For nearly 25 years I worked testing, improving, and prototyping the gear outdoor people love. Now I create metal art.

Sea kayaking and living off the sea is a passion of mine. What’s better than a day on the water exploring, and taking in the scenery. I’ve explored nearly the entire coast of Vancouver BC, by sea kayak, during several multi-week trips.

Much of my artwork is inspired by the creatures that call the West Coast home. Ravens, crabs, salmon, halibut, and octopus, etc. My artwork will also always contain at least one bike part that has served a useful life and was diverted from the trash.

My hope is you enjoy each unique handmade piece of artwork as much as I did creating it.

Artist Statement

The risk of losing wild salmon in the Salish Sea is real. By creating interesting art, pairing it with reading materials and encouraging others to explore our coast, perhaps there will be a learning moment and desire to preserve our natural resources.


Steve Nagode SproctopusSteve Nagode: Sproctopus
Completed: 2023 - Recycled Steel Bicycle parts, Obsidian glass eyes - 48” x 38”
The Giant Pacific Octopus lives in the inland waters of the Salish Sea with some of the largest residing under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The octopus is known to be a very intelligent and social creature, and able to change its color rapidly. It’s commonly shown red which is its excited phase, though will rapidly change its color to match its surroundings.

These metal art octopus are built from a collection of used steel bicycle gears (sprockets), chains, brake rotors and obsidian “eyes”. Obsidian is a natural volcanic “glass” found in the Cascade Range of Oregon. The mottled colors of the metal are achieved by flame coloring with a propane torch.


Steve Nagode Wild SalmonSteve Nagode: Wild Salmon
Recycled steel gas cylinder, bicycle axle part - 22" x 24"
Culturally, wild salmon have long been a central part of the diet and way of life for the Indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea region.  Many of my late summer mornings are spent in my canoe or kayak, observing the salmon jumping, herring, eagles, porpoises, seals, and king fishers. On fortunate mornings, I am able to bring home dinner!


Steve Nagode Swimming Salmon - City of Auburn Public artSteve Nagode: Swimming Salmon
City of Auburn Public art
Completed: 2023 - Recycled Welding Cylinders - 60" x 33"
Steve Nagode Swimming Salmon City of Auburn Public art plaque