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Gabrielle Abbott

Artist: Gabrielle Abbott

Gabrielle AbbottGabrielle Abbott is an award winning public artist who paints large-scale murals for urban spaces.

Her practice is rooted in social awareness, public engagement and equitable representation. Through community partnerships, she brings creative empowerment to underserved spaces. Previous clients include: Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Art Museum and the Hague City Government (NL).

Gabrielle received a classical training in portraiture from the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and an MFA from University of the Arts, London. She currently exhibits nationally and teaches Fine Arts at Antioch University, Seattle.

Gabrielle Abbott working“At age 20, I moved to Italy to pursue training in classical oil painting. While there, I discovered “street-painting,” and the course of my career was radically altered. For the following three years, I travelled around Europe, recreating famous paintings for tips. Busking taught me how to work fast and large. Copying the old masters taught me draftsmanships. Most importantly, by transforming dreary sidewalks into activated spaces, I learned the power of public art.

Upon returning to the states to pursue a BA degree (with a focus on social justice), I realized murals were my calling. The medium allows me to marry my passions for public art and social change. In the past ten years, I’ve led over 30 participatory mural projects in my local community and am known for historical murals emphasizing untold stories or previously silenced voices.”

Artist Statement

As a Northwest native, I feel an intimate connection to the plants and animals of the region. The threat of extinction to the Snake River Salmon feels like a personal wound. Art is one of the most powerful tools we have to empower people and inspire them to action. That's why I'm putting my art in service to the Salmon, Orcas and Northwest ecosystem I love so much.

Gabrielle Abbott: MetamorphisisGabrielle Abbott: Metamorphisis
Completed: 2019 - 10'x10' - Chalk on Sidewalk
Temporary Chalk Art mural created for NW Chalkfest

Gabrielle Abbott: Grateful StewardGabrielle Abbott: Grateful Steward
Completed: 2022 - 35' x 15' - Latex Exterior Mural

Gabrielle Abbott: Learn to HowlGabrielle Abbott: Learn to Howl
Completed: 2018 - 10' x 10' - Chalk on Sidewalk
Temporary Chalk Mural Create for Bellevue Arts Museum

Gabrielle Abbott: LionessGabrielle Abbott: Lioness
Completed: 2017 - 10' x 10' - Chalk on Sidewalk
Temporary Chalk Mural created for Bellevue Art Museum