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Erik Sandgren

Artist: Erik Sandgren


Erik Sandgren portrait in Studio 01 crop 800x1000Erik Sandgren is a Northwest Artists Against Extinction collaborating artist whose work has been in relationship with Pacific Northwest visual arts culture.  The mountains, skies, water, trees, and the people of the region have provided inspiration for his works which resonate with themes of location, memory, and myth.

Artist Statement

Through these creatures, the penetration of ocean energies deep into the continent is tantamount to a miracle. At this particular intersection of environmental and social justice, we must help reawaken people to the blessing of restorative connections between the land and sea, culture to nature

Erik Sandgren: Fishing in the RainErik Sandgren: Fishing in the Rain

Erik Sandgren: Steelhead PoolErik Sandgren: Steelhead Pool

Erik Sandgren: Millenial SalmonoidErik Sandgren: Millenial Salmonoid

Erik Sandgren: Dip NetterErik Sandgren: Dip Netter

Erik Sandgren: KlikitatErik Sandgren: Klikitat

Erik Sandgren: KlikitatErik Sandgren: Klikitat

Erik Sandgren HsienErik Sandgren: Hsien

Erik Sandgren: Lone BoatmanErik Sandgren:
Lone Boatman

Erik Sandgren: Many BoatmenErik Sandgren:
Many Boatmen