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Eileen Klatt

Artist: Eileen Klatt

Eileen Klatt in studio 2009Biography

Since receiving her Master of Fine Arts from Washington State University in 1990, Eileen Klatt has drawn and painted hundreds of fish. Her watercolors of trout and other fish are collected internationally. She has concentrated on painting salmon of the Pacific Northwest since 1994. Eileen lives in Hope, Idaho where her studio overlooks beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.

Artist Statement

Inspired by plummeting salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest and curiosity about the life histories of salmon species, Eileen Klatt began painting salmon in 1994. She became a "Salmon Pilgrim" in 1998 and began a pilgrimage to each of the sixty-one rivers in the Columbia River Basin where salmon are now extinct. It led to "A Litany of Salmon," a series of sixty-one paintings dedicated to all the extinct salmon in the Columbia River Basin. The beauty of her art creates a heart-felt response in people that causes them to care about salmon extinction.

A Litany of Salmon

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