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Claire Waichler

Artist: Claire Waichler

About the artist

Claire WaichlerI am a printmaker with deep roots in North Central Washington. My printmaking explores my connection to wilderness, climate change, and the complex ecological stories that occur underfoot, overhead, and out of sight.

I draw my inspiration from glaciers, rivers, forests and the array of communities that inhabit them. Using woodcuts and collage I compose multi-media, multi-layered pieces that illuminate narratives about environmental history and current environmental issues.


Claire Waichler Free the SnakeClaire Waichler: Free the Snake
Completed: 2022 - Digital media

Claire Waichler Columbia MapClaire Waichler: Columbia Map
Completed: 2018 - Woodcut and lithograph on sekishu

Claire Waichler Salmon FlowClaire Waichler: Salmon Flow
Completed: 2018 - Woodcut on sekishu paper

Claire Waichler Columbia RemnantClaire Waichler: Columbia Remnant
Completed: 2018 - Woodcut on sekishu paper