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Britt Freda

Artist:  Britt Freda


Britt FredaI have been designing, drawing and painting for as long as I have memory. I received a double degree with honors in fine art and writing from St. Lawrence University in New York. In addition, I studied painting, drawing and photography at Lorenzo de' Medici Institute of Art in Florence, Italy and by invitation for intensive residency study at La Cipressaia in Montagnana, Italy under internationally acclaimed South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky. My work can be found in private collections, galleries, museum exhibitions and publications internationally. I live with my two children on a small island in the Puget Sound.

Artist Statement

Our attraction to beauty is part of our humanity. It connects us. In the natural world, on a canvas, in a song or an architectural masterpiece, beauty has the ability to restore dignity and hope. Art has the power to unite beyond words or explanations or language or cerebral data points or race or gender or socioeconomics or orientation or religion or politics. From a visceral, emotional place, art has the potential to inspire people to care. Only when people care, when they feel emotionally connected, are they compelled to question, to learn, to grow, to change, to take action. And action—heartfelt, united, compassionate action—can change the world.

Britt Freda: 3 SteelheadBritt Freda: 3 Steelhead


Britt Freda: Tahlequah 2019 acrylic, gold leaf and graphite on birch panel36” x 48” collection of Mary Pat and Brock MansfieldBritt Freda: Tahlequah
Completed: 2019 - acrylic, gold leaf and graphite on birch panel 36” x 48”
Tahlequah, J35, is a member of J Pod of the endangered Southern Resident Orcas. When her new-born calf died shortly after birth in 2018, she carried her new-born calf for 17 days over 1,000 miles. People around the globe watched and grieved.
collection of Mary Pat and Brock Mansfield


Britt Freda: Steelhead SalmonBritt Freda: Steelhead Salmon


2020 PerspectiveBritt Freda: 2020 Perspective
Completed: 2020 - 40" x 40" - acrylic, graphite and gold leaf on birch panel
Collection of Marcia Bruya and Jeff Carson


Britt Freda: Tahlequah's Respair 
J35 and J57
Britt Freda: Tahlequah's Respair, J35 and J57
Completed: 2021 - 36" x 48" - acrylic, graphite and gold leaf on birch panel
Collection of Callie Deegan and Pat Dunn